Hani Sameh Farouk, a 33 year-old father of one, was a devoted employee at a manufacturing company in 10th of Ramadan city. After holding the position of Shift Supervisor for 12 years, the factory where he works was sold to a new investor, which in turn led to changes in management, policies, and staffing.

Getting accustomed to this new work environment was not an easy task; Hani began to experience alarming levels of both physical and psychological stress trying to meet the expectations of his superiors. He continued to put his work before his health until the day he suffered a nosebleed due to his shockingly high blood pressure. Almost immediately, he decided that this job was no longer a good fit for him.

For over a year, Hani worked several, mostly temporary jobs outside his area of expertise. Things took a turn for the better, however, when one evening he was approached by IOM Employment Center volunteers at a local café. Hani was informed all about their employment program and encouraged to attend the training, which he also learned was free of charge.

After the training, he soon began the process of submitting applications and interviewing for positions. With hard work and persistence, Hani was successfully employed by IOM Employment Center in Sharkia as a distribution agent for a major home appliance production company.

Grateful to have found this opportunity in such a brief period of time after the training, Hani expects his new job to be the gateway to a prosperous career. The job provides him with a number of benefits, including social insurance, which he considers very valuable as a husband and as a father expecting his second child.

To this day, Hani continues to speak very positively about his experience with the IOM Employment Center and urges the center to keep providing support to youth struggling with the job market. The Employment Center, he said, provides a unique, invaluable service that is not offered by any other entity in the city of Zagazig, which makes the center an automatic success. Although many believe that the best way to support youth is through financial aid, Hani is a firm believer that providing employment opportunities will always be a more effective long-term solution.