The project aims at assisting the voluntary return and reintegration of 240 migrants stranded in Egypt, Libya and/or having been rescued at sea off the coast of Tunisia after departing from Libya. Specifically, it is expected that improved access to sustainable solutions is made available to stranded and vulnerable migrants in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

  • Donors: Government of Norway
  • Duration:  April 2015 to June 2017
  • Location: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and main countries of origin
  • Beneficiaries: 240 vulnerable and stranded migrants


Large numbers of vulnerable and stranded migrants in Egypt and Libya lack access to adequate services. Migrants transiting through these countries are often vulnerable and face a variety of problems, from exploitation, detention and deportation. Local integration or employment is often not an option as many are in an irregular state. The presence of an AVRR programme can provide an alternative and durable solution by offering these migrants a humane and dignified alternative to a life in limbo, life threatening irregular migration and/or detention.

Activities usually carried out IOM within AVRR programmes include: individual counselling sessions to identify needs, vulnerabilities and/or risks and to ascertain voluntariness; pre-departure medical assessments to determine fitness-to-travel and identify vulnerable cases in need of travel and/or enhanced forms of assistance; advanced travel bookings, disbursement of pre-departure allowances, as well as airport assistance upon departure, in transit, and upon arrival. Vulnerable migrants will be assisted with the immigration authorities and relevant consular services by a dedicated staff. Furthermore, returnees are provided with an individually tailored reintegration plan, designed and enacted upon return, to ensure the sustainability of the initiative.

Expected Results

240 vulnerable and stranded migrants in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia are assisted in returning to and reintegrating in their country of origin.

Links to Broader National and International Commitments

Declaration of the Ministerial Conference of the Khartoum Process – “Developing a regional framework for return, including voluntary, and reintegration, in the full respect of human rights”.

Valletta Action Plan (2015), Priority initiative 5: “Strengthen cooperation in order to facilitate the return and sustainable reintegration of irregular migrants, both from EU Member States and associated countries and from African countries of transit and destination “.

Sustainable Development Goals – Goal 10.7 “Facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through the implementation of planned and well-managed migration policies”.

IOM Migration Governance Framework – Objective 3 “Migration should take place in a safe, orderly and dignified manner”.