The Policy, Governance and Liaison Unit coordinates and supports the work of the units within IOM Egypt, and coordinates external relations. All cross-cutting areas are covered by the Policy, Governance and Liaison Unit.

Information and Data Analysis
  • This is an essential part of IOM’s work which allows to:
  • Measure the impact and sustainability of initiatives; Inform the conceptualization of new activities;
  • Replicate successful interventions;
  • Track and analyze migration trends;
  • Provide accurate and evidence-based information;
  • Support the formulation of evidence-based policies; Streamline information exchange.
Communications and Public Information

Regular Press Briefing Notes and a monthly newsletter are released by the Policy, Governance and Liaison Unit.

Project Development and Reporting

The Policy, Governance and Liaison Unit supports other units with the development of new initiatives, and with reporting on ongoing and concluded projects.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) enable project staff to track progress and facilitate effective decision-making. By closely observing project activities and understanding the impact made, adjustments can be tailored to ensure that project design and activities are relevant, effective, efficient, and yield meaningful results for the beneficiaries.

Donor Liaison

The Policy, Governance and Liaison Unit is responsible for maintaining regular communication with donors and partners, as well as for coordinating with national and international stakeholders relevant to IOM initiatives.

Capacity Building

The Certificate in Migration Governance is an initiative implemented by IOM in collaboration with the American University in Cairo. By providing a holistic overview of migration research, complemented by interventions from IOM experts, it builds the capacity of representatives from the Egyptian government, the private sector, and civil society to institute good migration governance.

Staff Training and Development

The Policy, Governance and Liaison Unit introduces new staff to the IOM mission in Egypt and supports staff’s continuous learning through the organization of internal trainings and workshops.