Roundtable on Exchanging Experiences and Best Practices on Protection to Victims of Trafficking and Prevention of the Crime

Rabat, Morocco – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Egypt, in coordination with its offices in Tunisia and the Kingdom of Morocco, and in cooperation with the National Coordinating Committee for Combating and Preventing Illegal Migration and Trafficking in Persons (NCCPIM&TiP), organized on 16-18 May the second roundtable on the protection and prevention pillars in the field of combating trafficking, in Rabat, Morocco.

This roundtable is a continuation of the first roundtable on the prosecution pillar that was held from 12-14 March, in Egypt and brought together 50 representatives from the Egyptian, Moroccan, and Tunisian governments, as well as an IOM delegation from the respective countries within the framework of the Regional Development and Protection Program (RDPP) funded by the European Union.

The round table aimed to consult on methodologies and exchange of experiences as well as best strategic practices conducive to combating trafficking in persons between the three countries by strengthening cooperation and partnership policies in the field.

The conference was inaugurated by the President of the National Anti-Trafficking Commission in Morocco, M. Hicham Mellati, the Representative of the Delegation of the European Union in Morocco, Ms. Isabelle Wahedova as well as the Chief of the IOM mission in Morocco Laura Palatini, next to Ambassador Naela Gabr, Chairperson of the NCCPIM&TiP, and Ms. Raoudha Laabidi, President of the National Counter Trafficking Committee in Tunisia.

Ambassador Naela Gabr stressed the importance of the regional cooperation and exchange of experiences in combating the crimes of trafficking and smuggling of migrants. She also noted the Egyptian vision in dealing with the two crimes based on the application of the law, respect for human rights perspective, and the fight against corruption and money laundering.

Mr. Carlos Oliver Cruz, IOM Egypt Chief of Mission, stated in his opening of the second day, that the discussions during this meeting will provide a space for experts and decision-makers in the field to exchange important experiences on their protection systems as well as prevention strategies. He also mentioned the importance of collaboration between IOM, Governments, and the relevant stakeholders to better protect victims and collectively combat this crime.

The three-day meeting was concluded with recommendations by each delegation highlighting the ways and initiatives forward as well as the needs to strengthen anti-trafficking responses in line with the 4-Ps approach.  

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