Migration Data & Peer Learning: Djibouti’s National Institute of Statistics visits Egypt’s CAPMAS

Migration Data & Peer Learning: Djibouti’s National Institute of Statistics visits Egypt’s CAPMAS

Cairo, Egypt, 5 August 2019 - IOM facilitated a learning exchange visit for the Djibouti’s National Institute for Statistics (INSD) to the Egypt’s Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS). The primary focus of the learning exchange centered on CAPMAS’s innovative migration data unit and a recent national migration survey. This survey has been undertaken by CAPMAS in 2013 and 2014 as part of the Regional Household International Migration Surveys in the Mediterranean (MED-HIMS): first initiated in Lebanon (known as the “Lebanese method”), this survey was the first of its kind to be carried out in Egypt. CAPMAS is currently preparing for a second, digitized round of this survey and Djibouti is considering conducting a similar national migration survey in the coming years.

The peer exchange elements included the survey design, sampling and interview methodologies, data entry processes, quality control, data analysis approach, publications of results, challenges and lessons learned, the organization of their migration unit, administrative sources of migration data, and a summary of indicators related to the SDGs produced by this migration survey. Konate Sekou, Technical Advisor to the Director, Djibouti National Institute of Statistics (INSD), stated: “the delegation from Djibouti was very satisfied with the visit and the sharing of experiences of Egypt, taking into account our requests for information, especially the survey design given the specific nature of this replicated survey – including six survey instruments (e.g. forced migrants, returnees, diaspora, immigrants). We have established focal points to facilitate our continued collaboration. We appreciate their open nature and contributions and return home with all the pertinent documents.”

Five participants from INSD and more than a dozen members from CAPMAS and the migration data unit participated in the learning exchange. Representatives from IOM Egypt, IOM Ethiopia and IOM Djibouti were also present. This initiative was funded by the US State Department, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM).

Lalini Veerassamy, Chief of Mission of IOM Djibouti also expressed her satisfaction on this study tour and stated “that Djibouti has progressed significantly on migration data collection. In preparation of the forthcoming national population census, a national survey on migration similar to the one carried out in Egypt will allow the Government to have a holistic understanding of the trends, particularly the migration stocks of migrants living in Djibouti city. IOM remains committed to continue supporting that process”. 

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