Eritrean Child Is Able to Walk Again Thanks to IOM Egypt's Doctors

Eritrean Child Is Able to Walk Again Thanks to IOM Egypt's Doctors

Cairo, 14 September - Jamila Mohamed, an Eritrean migrant, noticed early on that her son, Anas, was having difficulties walking. His motor skills were not developing the way a nine-year-old should. While in Eritrea, Jamila visited many doctors, but none could tell her what the medical condition that her son Anas suffered from, which severely affected his ability to use his legs, feet, and to walk. Doctors in Eritrea tried to diagnose Anas’ condition, and prescribed for him calcium supplementation. Seeing no improvement in her son’s condition, Jamila, a mother of five small children, decided to uproot her family and come to Egypt in the hopes of finding a solution for Anas’ medical condition. In early 2020, Jamila left Eritrea, went to Sudan, and finally managed to come to Egypt.

Upon entering Egypt, Jamila registered with IOM, and was granted immediate medical assistance for her son. IOM Egypt’s medical doctors rapidly corresponded with doctors and hospitals within the Organization’s database, and soon enough, Jamila was finally given an answer to her son’s mysterious medical issue. The doctors discovered that Anas’ suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) commonly known as a stroke, most likely during birth, that has impaired his motor skills.

For the last five months, IOM Egypt’s doctors monitored Anas’ progress and provided him with medical boots that greatly improved his ability to walk and move his legs and toes. Continuing rigorous physiotherapy sessions under the supervision of IOM’s doctors, Anas has recently been able to walk without assistance.

Prior to the physiotherapy provided by IOM Egypt and the constant use of the medical boot, Anas’ mother, Jamila, would take him to school every day, where she struggled in the busy Cairo traffic due to her son’s impaired walking. After much determination by the doctors and thorough physiotherapy, Anas is able to walk alongside his mother on the way to school and keep up with her walking pace. Anas will be going on to fifth grade when schools reopen, and with IOM’s continuing medical assistance, as well as the available education assistance, he will be able to finally continue schooling without limitations.

IOM Egypt continues to support migrants, like Jamila and her son, by providing them with the necessary assistance. IOM Egypt is committed to supporting migrants, especially during the ongoing pandemic who were already vulnerable, with a determination to leave no one behind.

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