Egypt Workshop Focuses on Harnessing Migration for Development

Cairo, 21 February 2017 - The Egyptian Ministry for Immigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs and IOM have hosted Egypt’s first international partners’ round table on harnessing the development impact of migration.

The event, in Cairo, was chaired by Immigration Minister Nabila Makram Abdel Shahid and attendees included representatives of over 20 embassies and development agencies.

“The Government of Egypt is committed to continue its efforts to engage Egyptian expatriate communities in development initiatives in Egypt, while ensuring protection of their rights, through the development of a comprehensive policy framework and the undertaking of concrete initiatives to foster engagement,” said Minister Abdel Shahid, noting the government’s ongoing cooperation with relevant international partners, including IOM.

Several initiatives are expected to be developed in the context of the policy framework. They will include encouraging the return of qualified nationals to contribute to specific sectors of the Egyptian economy; promoting investment in local and national development plans/initiatives; encouraging expatriate contributions to trade development; and protecting expatriates’ rights abroad.

The initiative will advance the government’s commitment to support migrants and migration made under the country’s 2014 Constitution and 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy, as well as the global 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

“Egypt's USD 20 billion in remittances received in 2015 made it among the top 10 recipients of remittances worldwide. But Egyptians abroad contribute in many more ways. They also support trade and business networks, invest in their communities of origin, and transfer of knowledge and expertise,” said IOM Egypt Head of Office Amr Taha.


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  • Minister Nabila Abdel Shehid hosts a round table on harnessing migration for development. Photo: IOM.