Document Examination Training in Cooperation with the Egyptian Customs Authority

25 August 2022 - Cairo: In cooperation with the Egyptian Customs Authority, Ministry of Finance, IOM conducted the third training activity on “Document Examination” in Port Said. The training was attended by 28 Egyptian customs officers, including field front-line officers and technical desk officers (legal and security officers) operating in Port Said. During the training, participants were introduced to the key concepts of migration as well as to evidence-based facts on national, regional, and international migration to help eliminate misunderstandings on the topic.

In order to illustrate to participants the means of detecting fraudulent documents related to customs, the training also focused on the means of examining official documents, including travel documents through introducing participants to the material used in manufacturing passports and in printing their booklets and the means of constructing them in addition to the security features printed on passports and the international standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Differences between security features of paper and electronic biometric passports were also introduced.

The conclusion of this training contributed to increasing customs officers’ capacities, key border management officials in the country, to identify, stop and dismantle cross-border criminal networks involved in transnational migration-related crimes while protecting vulnerable migrants and upholding their rights.

This activity was generously funded by US Department of State under its ARMP program in coordination with the North Africa sub-office.