"100 Million SIHA”; WHO, UNHCR and IOM Organize Screening for Hepatitis C to Increase Refugees' Awareness

"100 Million SIHA”; WHO, UNHCR and IOM Organize Screening for Hepatitis C to Increase Refugees' Awareness

Under the Umbrella of “100 Million SIHA”; Ministry of Health and Population in coordination with WHO, UNHCR and IOM are together initiating and leading several health awareness sessions together with multiple medical screening campaigns for early detection and management of Virus C for Egypt’s guests of migrants and refugees in several governorates; Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Damietta and Al Qalyubia.

Hepatitis C is a dangerous disease, a viral infection affecting the liver and can cause several acute and chronic illness which in sometimes can lead to death by liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

The danger of virus C is how silent it is, which most patients are asymptomatic while others may suffer from several weeks-long illness including jaundice; yellowish decolorization of skin and eyes, dark urine, severe fatigue, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

The National Campaign is aiming to eliminate virus C, established 8 screening points in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Damietta and Al Qalyubia over 5 days for and health awareness including migrants and refugees in the biggest national campaign in Egypt and the biggest hepatitis campaign worldwide.

Dr. Alaa Osman, Undersecretary Head of Ministry of Health in Alexandria stated “Ministry of Health in Egypt is not sparing any efforts for providing high quality health services to Egypt’s guests of migrants and refugees, not only for virus C campaign but to be included in every preventive and therapeutic health services provided by Ministry of Health.

Mr. Laurent De Boeck, IOM Egypt’s Chief of Mission stated: “Every day, Egypt ensures more and more exceptional care and commitment for everyone present in Egypt. Such successful campaign is mapping the road to the Egyptian Universal Healthcare”.

Dr John Jabbour, WHO Representative in Egypt stated: “ We congratulate Egypt for the successful campaign of “100 Million SIHA” and we are thankful for integrating Egypt’s guests in this campaign, we ensure the continuous support of WHO to Egypt and willingness to cooperate with all partners for the benefit of Egyptian citizens’ health”.

Mr Karim Atassi, UNHCR Egypt Representative stated: “We commend the decision for integrating refugees and asylum seekers in the presidential campaign “100 Million SIHA” for treating Hepatitis C patients for free as Egyptians, this generosity is not new from Egyptians and the Egyptian Government who provided protection for everyone in their country, as to mention, since July 2019, Egypt hosts more than 249,000 refugee and asylum seeker.

It’s to mention that Egypt decided to integrate its guests; migrants and refugees in 100 Million SIHA for free screening and treatment since March 2019 and the Ministry of Health is continuously managing the process of screening in 309 medical screening points allover Egypt and linking all points with treatment and management centers.

All centers can be accessed through the website or by calling the hotline 15335


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