To foster community cohesion between migrant and Egyptian host communities, IOM Egypt in partnership with Bassita (the award-winning start-up) launched the clickfunding campaign known as “Living Together” featuring Egyptian star Boshra to educate young generations on values of acceptance and tolerance.

Clickfunding gives viewers the chance to contribute to fundraising for social initiatives through “the click of a mouse or tap of a screen.” It urges web users to interact on the website and social media streams so they can achieve each campaign’s target of points for the benefit of the social cause.

Living Together campaign provides on-the-ground workshops targeting 180 children and their parents, from both migrant and host (Egyptian) communities. Throughout the workshops children experience Safarni’s simulated travel adventures to discover cultures from around the world. They also connect with migrant neighbors through interactive group projects and cultural exchange; thus resulting in intercultural dialogue, friendships, understanding and cohesion.

The Results of the campaign achieved 110% of the initial goal,  with  27K likes, 7K comments, 981K views, and 5K shares.

You can follow the campaign updates on Share the Friendship.

The Living Together campaign is within the framework of the EU-funded Regional Development and Protection Programme for North Africa (RDPP NA) – Development Pillar, and supports the achievement of the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: 4 Quality Education, 10 Reduced Inequalities and 17 Partnerships for the Goals.