Second Edition of the Certificate in Migration Governance - Inaugural Event

Date Published: 
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Amr Taha, IOM Egypt Head of Office

Cairo, 18 October 2017

Excellences, distinguished guests, distinguished colleagues, ladies and gentlemen.

It is with great pleasure that I address you today for the inaugural event of the Certificate in Migration Governance.

Allow me to begin by thanking Dr. Awad and his team for the tireless work and cooperation, which ensured this learning opportunity to be replicated after the successful completion of The First Edition earlier this May. This certificate is amongst many activities IOM and CMRS cooperate on.

Likewise, I wish to thank the different governmental and non-governmental institutions for the interest expressed in participating to -and recognizing the value of- this Certificate.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is essential when addressing great challenges, and migration is no exception. It is not possible, for example, to separate the conduct of foreign policy from national interests, like economy and trade. No single ministry or governmental agency can deal with a phenomenon as multifaceted as migration on its own.

Popular narratives often tend to focus only on certain aspects, overlooking the inherent complexity of the migratory phenomenon, which impacts society in many different ways and calls for a variety of coordinated and complementary efforts.

In line with IOM’s Migration Governance Framework approved also by the Government of Egypt and IOM's 162 other Member States in 2015, a whole-of-Government approach ensures effective migration policies. This is enabled by cohesive and complementary institutional mechanisms as well as modern technology, -and mutatis mutandis strongly supports Egypt's Sustainable Development Strategy: Vision 2030.

This necessarily implies that the different governmental and non-governmental stakeholders as well as the private sector need to have a common understating of migration to capitalise on migration governance for the country’s development. Learning opportunities as this one we are embarking on together here today are drivers of competitiveness, growth and new possibilities.

In recognizing this, CMRS and IOM decided to link academic knowledge and practical expertise to offer a learning product which is complementary.

Last year, 24 participants embarked on a 7-month journey to graduate in May 2015. The graduates included governmental Officials working on migration-related matters, non-governmental agencies delivering services to migrants, as well as the private sector who also has an interest in this matter.

This second edition includes representatives from 19 different institutions. Building on the best practices and feedback received during the previous edition, the programme has been enriched with new topics and the latest migratory insights. An online portal where the participants can access the learning materials, further readings and interact with each other will be launched soon.

The Certificate is a complementary programme to the tailored capacity-building activities implemented by IOM Egypt upon request of the Government of Egypt on migration-related subjects. Since 2008, IOM trained more than 3,000 government officials on a plethora of topics ranging from counter-trafficking, protection of minors, document examination, labour migration and human mobility, engaging expatriates in development, and more. After supporting the establishment of the CAPMAS Migration Unit, IOM also trained 15 representatives on forecasting and planning migration across the Mediterranean to support evidence-based policy and programme development.

Based on the feedback received from the previous participants and graduates, and the overwhelming interest expressed by several governmental institutions as well as private individuals, I have every reason to believe that you too will greatly benefit from this unique learning opportunity.

Prepare yourself to be challenged, but also to challenge … to be inspired, but also to inspire … to learn but also to share your experiences, and contribute to this programme. Only by doing do we will ensure the success of this learning experience.

I wish you luck, and much success for the weeks ahead, and conclude by thanking your respective institutions for availing you with the time to be with us today and for the months ahead.

I cannot conclude without thanking once again all my friends and colleagues who made this possible: Tanja, Greta, Maysa and all the others… but also our generous donors to who we are thankful.



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