More Than 240 Refugees Resettled from Egypt to Germany

Berlin, 11 September 2019 – Two-hundred forty-six refugees arrived safely in Hannover, Germany on a charter flight from Egypt with International Organization for Migration (IOM) support. 

The resettled group comprised refugees from Syria, South Sudan, Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia. Among the group were 64 children and nine infants.

 “The people on board have already braved the worst and deserve a chance at a new and safe beginning.This resettlement movement has allowed them to travel safely and in the most organized and humane way possible,” said Monica Goracci, Chief of Mission IOM Germany.

We thank the governments of Egypt and Germany for their solidarity. Resettlement assistance remains an underutilized yet powerful instrument for IOM to support refugees who do not have the option to stay in their country of asylum,” said Laurent De Boeck, Chief of Mission of IOM Egypt.

During the resettlement procedure, the IOM supports the receiving countries, assists with visa document processing, conducts health assessments, provides pre-departure orientation courses, organizes their flights and escorts the refugees until their arrival in Germany.

The process of resettlement involves the cooperation between various actors. In this case, IOM worked closely with the Federal German Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Government of Egypt and Caritas Germany.

On Wednesday, after their arrival in Germany, the refugees traveled onwards to Lower-Saxony, where accommodation and integration courses are provided before they settle in the country.

From January until September 2019, IOM has assisted more than 600 refugees to be resettled to Germany.

For further information, please contact Sabine Lehmann at IOM Germany, Tel: +49 3027877817, Email: OR Omar Awwad at IOM Egypt, Tel: +20 1032 049 144 Email: