IOM Egypt Hosts Donor Briefing and Diplomatic Reception to kick off the New Year

Cairo, 23 January 2019 – IOM Egypt hosted a Donor Briefing and a Diplomatic Reception, inviting members of the donor community, in addition to intergovernmental and non-governmental partners, and representatives from the Government of Egypt.

The purpose of the event was to present an overall analysis of the challenges and opportunities seen throughout the year of 2018 regarding the migrant community in Egypt, including the host communities.

During the presentation, Mr. Laurent de Boeck, IOM Egypt Chief of Mission, gave attention to the many positive aspects of migration that are often overlooked, such as diverse human resources and ideas that can enrich the receiving country. A Q&A followed, where comments regarding Egypt’s African Union presidency were raised, highlighting the large responsibility and influence the country has within the continent and beyond. Moreover, comments regarding the decrease in unemployment in relation to Egypt’s population were touched upon, showcasing the country’s willingness to overcome long term economic challenges.

Subsequently, a reception was held allowing for all the participants to network and deliberate among each other and with various IOM representatives. During the reception, IOM’s Virtual Reality Exhibition “Holding On” was showcased, giving insight into the difficult path experienced by Internally Displaced People. The exhibition garnered the attention and interest of numerous participants.

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