IOM Egypt Holds an Intensive Informational Event for Migrants in Alexandria

Alexandria, 19 December 2019 – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Egypt conducted an awareness-raising event for migrants from the South Sudanese, Syrian and Yemini communities at the Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria, Egypt. 170 migrants attended the event aiming at presenting IOM missions and the different services and protection assistance available, highlighting the risks linked to irregular migration and promoting best practices to fight counter trafficking. Awareness raising and care material have been distributed.

The day started with an informational session where IOM Egypt explained its mandate and presented its protection and assistance services. The question and answer session allowed migrants to ask details on the different programs at IOM Egypt, such as the educational, housing, medical and cash assistance programs. AVRR, the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration program, allowing IOM Egypt to provide assistance to migrants for them to return voluntarily to their home countries attracted special interest.

IOM Egypt confirmed that it supports migrants with returning to their home countries on one condition that his/her country is stable and safe enough for return. IOM Egypt also stated that it is offering educational grants for six to 16-year-old children, in order to facilitate their attendance at public, community or private schools. The Organization also assists beneficiaries with cash assistance which can go towards paying their housing rent for a maximum of four months. Besides, the event allowed to present medical services provided by IOM. The Organization distributed 20 baby boxes for pregnant women, 100 first-aid kits, 50 T-shirts and 50 water bottles for children.

A video has been displayed to educate the attendees on countertrafficking, showing them practices to prevent from becoming victims of trafficking and how to report countertrafficking concerns to the Organization. 150 interactive kits/toolboxes that show how extreme are the risks of irregular migration, and the ways in which to combat it have been distributed.

Finally, the Arab Council Supporting Fair Trial and Human Rights (ACSFT) held an informational session to inform migrants about their rights and aid them in registering newborn babies, rental contracts, and all related residency issues.

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