IOM Egypt and MoSEEA hold consultation with Egyptian expatriates to discuss the National Strategy on Expatriates’ Engagement

Cairo, 14 September 2021 – Within the framework of “Initiatives for Local Development of Egypt through the support of Egyptians Abroad” (ILDEA) project funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Egypt, in partnership with the Ministry of State for Emigration and Expatriate Affairs (MoSEEA), hosted a consultation session with representatives from the Egyptian expatriate community in Italy to discuss the National Strategy on Expatriates Engagement.

The Strategy has been developed in recognition of the increasing interest from the Government of Egypt (GoE) to establish Egyptian Expatriates as key partners in the development of Egypt. This strategic innovation marks a new addition in the domestic and foreign policy of Egypt. It represents a landmark recognition of Egyptian Expatriates as a central developmental agent in the future of Egypt.

Mr Laurent de Boeck, IOM Chief of Mission to the Arab Republic of Egypt, welcomed H.E Ambassador Mohamed Khairat, the Minister’s Advisor on International Cooperation at MoSEEA, and welcomed the Egyptian Expatriates joining the consultation virtually from Italy. “We are happy to have you today with us to discuss the strategy on expatriates’ engagement, it is truly admirable how you are supportive of your country’s development and keen on contributing, even from afar. Also, we are delighted with the Egyptian government’s approach to engage its citizens in the development efforts for all. Our counterparts and colleagues at the Ministry of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs have been committed to such engagement and maintaining effective outreach and communication”, said de Boeck.

IOM believes in the Expatriates’ contribution and in keeping an open dialogue and a link with their country of origin. Therefore, IOM is looking with the Ministry on how to keep this engagement sustainable; it is important that the policies in place reflect the reality of the day-to-day life of the Expatriates. This could be attained through establishing an interactive communication with Expatriate communities to have all aspects of their potential engagement reflected in the Strategy and Policy documents.  

Ambassador Khairat welcomed the Expatriates who are representing the Egyptian community in Italy. He thanked IOM and Mr de Boeck for hosting this consultation and expressed his aspiration that this strategy will help the Ministry develop a roadmap to enhance the Ministry’s engagement with the Egyptian communities abroad. “The Government of Egypt is working to implement plans to achieve the country social, economic, and cultural development, aspiring to achieve the Egypt Vision 2030. The issue of Egyptians abroad is among the priorities of the Egyptian State; by taking care of Egyptians abroad, the Government is recognizing the importance of their contribution of the country developmental efforts”, stated Ambassador Khairat.

“The Ministry is taking all the necessary measures to support and strengthen the existing relations with the International Organizations in this effect, we aim at improving the services to the Egyptian communities overseas, like the Expatriates to Egypt, and especially the new generations. The Ministry has launched several initiatives in this regard, to increase the engagement with Egyptian Expatriates for example “Etkalem Arabi” Initiative.  We need your help on how to improve the services and how to keep the relation with Egypt, through the support of IOM and the Italian Government” noted Ambassador Khairat.

ILDEA II is funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and supports the realization of Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy: Egypt Vision 2030. It also falls in line with the United Nations’ Agenda 2030, specifically the UN Sustainable Development Goals, namely Goal 1: ‘Poverty Eradication,’ Goal 8: ‘Decent Work and Economic Growth,’ Goal 10: ‘Reduced Inequalities,’ and Goal 17: ‘Partnership for the Goals.’

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