IOM and FEI Sign a Cooperation Framework

Cairo, 8 July 2019 – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Egypt and the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) sign a cooperation framework on 8 July 2019 in Cairo, Egypt.

The framework builds on previous cooperation between the two institutions and paves the road for further cooperation on notions pertaining to labour mobility and human development, including supporting migrants and the communities where they live, promoting ethical and inclusive businesses, refuting negative rhetoric on migration, and supporting youth employability. Both IOM and FEI agree on the growing and significant role businesses can play in the welfare of the Egyptian society, as well as the well-being of migrants. 

In that context, IOM and FEI join forces with the Nottingham Business School to organize a three-day workshop aimed at building leadership capacity for ethical and sustainable businesses from 8 to 10 July 2019 in Cairo, Egypt.

On 8 July, during a roundtable titled “A Call to Action: Towards ethical business governance in Egypt”, IOM,  FEI and Nottingham University gathered prominent private sector leaders to discuss and agree on how to give businesses a more humane and value driven voice, in order to harness their potential as development catalysts.

IOM Egypt’s Chief of Mission, Mr Laurent De Boeck, stressed on IOM’s eagerness to collaborate with FEI, given its interest and determination on community development, which coincides with IOM’s whole-of-society approach. FEI and IOM are both working for the advancement of issues pertaining to the wellbeing of Egyptians and migrants. Moreover, all the planned activities are in line with the Egypt’s Vision 2030, which highlights the importance of strong partnerships among the state, civil society, and the private sector. Also, such approach has been previously encouraged by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and further promoted by the Global Compact on Migration (GCM).

The roundtable and the following training workshop are part of a series of events to be jointly organized by FEI and IOM to promote collaboration and engagement of the private sector in the aforementioned matters.

For more information, please contact Omar Awwad at IOM Egypt, Tel: +20 1032 049 144 Email: