CFCV/CAI/2019/01 - Development of Media Handbook

Closing Date: 
Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Duty Station: 
IOM Cairo, Egypt
Consultancy/Service agreement



The scale of irregular migration towards Europe continues in significant numbers as almost 98,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean Sea in 2018 according to European arrival data. During the same period, IOM’s Missing Migrant Project recorded 1,987 maritime deaths in the Mediterranean Sea. The central Mediterranean route has been the predominant irregular entry point into Europe since 2014, except for 2015 where the Aegean Sea was the main entry point for irregular migrants indicating the need for more protective interventions to stranded migrants in North Africa region.

As a result, media coverage and interest in migration have notably increased however with limited positive contribution to the public discourse on migration. It is therefore imperative to work with media practitioners and to equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge for a more ethical and balanced reporting on migration.

In this framework, IOM Egypt is looking to recruit a media consultant/consultancy firm to develop a handbook on ethical and balanced media reporting on migration in the North-Africa and Mediterranean region. The selected consultant/ser will also be required to facilitate training of trainers for media personnel from countries in the North-Eastern Africa region.


The key objective of this assignment is to develop a media handbook in Arabic defining the principles of ethical and balanced reporting on migration in the North-Africa and Mediterranean region. The handbook will then serve as the basis to train a selected pool of journalists and reporters to promote an evidence-based and objective reporting on migration that upholds the dignity and security of migrants with an analytical approach to the push and pull factors and socio-political realities of migrants.



Under the direct supervision of the Project Officer, the consultant/consultancy firm will perform the following tasks:

First Stage: Researching and drafting the handbook

  • • Desk review of available resources provided by IOM and researched by the consultant/consultancy firm.
  • • Drafting table of content and a brief overview of the different sections.
  • • Developing the handbook based on approved table of contents, with attention to:
  • o Defining clear principles for ethical and balanced reporting on migration in North Africa
  • o Complementing the principles with practical content for the journalists, i.e.: good practices/case studies; common mistakes; migration glossary; story ideas; etc.
  • o Adopting a concise writing style and a consistent content, focusing on the role of media in shaping public discourse and impacting policies.

Second Stage: Developing the training curriculum

  • • Based on the approved first draft of the handbook, the consultant/consultancy firm will develop a training curriculum and deliver a regional workshop (i.e. the regional workshop for ethical and balanced reporting on migration in North Africa) aiming to achieve the following objectives:
  • • Strengthen the capacities of selected reporters and journalists on the principles for ethical and balanced coverage of migration.
  • • Engage the journalists in a more responsible migration coverage, by inviting them to participate in the "migration journalism challenge". The challenge consists of inviting trainees to develop and/or to publish articles covering one migration reality wrongly covered by the local or regional media.
  • • Validate the relevance of the handbook content and further enrich it with case studies, good practices and or common mistakes and reporting sensitivities. Adding a section with the best 3 articles from the migration journalism challenge.

Third Stage: Finalize handbook with all comments incorporated.


The total duration of the contract assignment will be four months: two months for the development of the media handbook, and an additional two months for delivering the ToTs and finalizing the handbook.

The assignment envisages travel to countries within North Africa.



The consultant/consultancy firm is expected to deliver the following results:

  • • Draft handbook developed and submitted for review (home based) after one month
  • • Draft training curriculum developed and submitted for review due after one month
  • • Regional training workshop for journalists and reporters delivered within the last two months of the assignment
  • • Final handbook and training curriculum submitted and approved (home base) not later than four months after signing the contract.

The handbook and the training curriculum should be submitted in Arabic language. Translation of the Arabic handbook will be made available in French and English by IOM Egypt, after the final feedback and submission of work.