Private Sector

UN Migration Agency (IOM) Boosts the Engagement of the Private Sector on Migration in Egypt

Cairo, 27 November – IOM Egypt partnered with the UN Global Compact Network to facilitate the “Strategic Roundtable on Business and Migration” to stimulate Egypt’s private sector engagement and partnerships on migration. The roundtable hosted over a dozen key business representatives, and highlighted the untapped potential of migration. “There are multiple strategic venues for the private sector to engage with migration, considering that 1 out of 7 people worldwide is a migrant.

UN Migration Agency (IOM) Participates in Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility and Migration

Alexandria, 26 November - By participating in the first Corporate Social Responsibility Forum held in Alexandria, IOM Egypt supported the engagement of the Egyptian private sector on migration. The forum focused on unbalanced development, demographic growth, development gaps between governorates, competitiveness, and achieving sustainable development across all Egyptian governorates. The forum also featured a presentation by IOM Egypt’s Head of Office, Mr.