A Story of Success

Date: 1 June 2016

Partner: National Employment Pact

Project: START

Service: Training for Employment

Donor: European Union

Hani Sameh Farouk is a 33 year-old father of Maryam. He worked for 12 years for a manufacturing company in 10th of Ramadan city as a shift chief. However, due to selling the factory to a Saudi investor and the change in management, the work conditions badly deteriorated because the new management wanted to decrease the work force. Such work environment caused Hani to be over stressed which had a negative effect on him psychologically and physically. One day Hani had high blood pressure to the extent that he started bleeding from his nose, on this day he decided that he can’t go on in his job anymore. After working for a little more than a year in various small jobs not relevant to his area of expertise, Hani was successfully employed by IOM employment center in Sharkia as a distribution agent for a company called White Whale.

It all started on one night when he was sitting in a café with a group of his friends and IOM employment center volunteers were promoting the training for employment program and they approached him. The first thing he asked them was what will they gain from helping him, their answer was nothing, it’s a free service and you don’t have to pay anything. His friends encouraged him to go attend the training and he did. After the training, he completed an application form and had his first interview in the employment center with White Whale company HR representative. After the first interview, he had his second interview in the company’s office where he got accepted in the job. The most important factor for Hani was to have a job that provides social insurance, which is the case in his new job. Hani believes that this is a new beginning for him and he expects a prosperous career in his new company. Hani’s new job came at the right time as he is currently expecting a baby boy.

Finally, Hani asked the IOM employment center team to keep on helping youth because they will definitely succeed. The more the employment center helps youth get employed the more it will succeed because it is providing a service no one else in Zagazig could offer. Hani believes that helping someone find a job is much more valuable than giving him financial assistance.

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