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  • UN Migration Agency in Egypt Launches ‘Aware Migrants’ Info-Campaign

    Cairo, 27 June 2017 – IOM Egypt launched “Aware Migrants”, a multicultural information sharing campaign focusing on migration and awareness raising.

    Topics: Awareness, Campaign, NCCPIM&TIP
  • IOM Launches ‘A Day Without Migrants’ Social Media Campaign

    Cairo, 23 November 2016  - IOM has launched a social media campaign, ‘A Day Without Migrants,’ in partnership with the Egyptian award-winning click-funding innovators Bassita, to highlight the positive impacts that migrants have on host communities.

    Topics: A Day without Migrants, Campaign, I am a Migrant
  • “It's a Match!” Clickfunding Campaign Goes Viral

    Cairo, 29 February 2016 – “It’s a Match!,” a click-funding campaign promoting social cohesion among migrants and their host communities in Egypt in partnership with award-winning innovators Bassita, has gone viral and reached its target in less than two weeks.

    Topics: Campaign, Community Cohesion, Livelihood Opportunities
  • It's a Match! IOM Launches its First Clickfunding Campaign to Promote Social Cohesion in Egypt

    Cairo, 21 January 2016 - IOM has teamed up with Bassita, the inventors of Clickfunding, to launch "It's a Match," a campaign to promote diversity in Egypt and enhance social cohesion among Syrians and their host communities.

    Topics: Campaign, Livelihood Opportunities, Social Cohesion