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  • UN Migration Agency (IOM) Conducts the Second Training for Journalists and Media Professionals on Countering Trafficking in Persons

    Cairo, 15 - 16 November 2017. IOM Egypt and the National Coordination Committee for Combating and Preventing Illegal Migration and Trafficking in Persons (NCCPIM&TIP) organized a two-day training on Countering Trafficking in Persons through Media for 16... Topics: Media, Counter-Trafficking, Capacity Buidling

  • UN Migration Agency (IOM), Government of Egypt Launch Trainings on Counter-Trafficking and Smuggling of Migrants Across Egypt

    Cairo, 7 November - The International Organization for Migration (IOM), the National Coordinating Committee on Combatting and Preventing Illegal Migration and Trafficking in Persons (NCCPIM&TIP), and the National Centre for Judicial Studies (NCJS) launched a series of... Topics: Counter-Trafficking, Law, Capacity Buidling

  • IOM Egypt, NCCPIM & TIP Deliver Counter-trafficking Trainings to Civil Society Organizations

    Cairo, 2 August 2017 - IOM Egypt organized two trainings titled “Countering Trafficking in Persons and Providing Protection for Victims in Egypt” for 41 representatives from 32 civil society organizations operating in 12 governorates.

    Topics: Capacity Building, Civil Society, Counter-Trafficking
  • IOM Egypt Marks World Day against Trafficking in Persons

    Cairo, 31 July 2017 - The UN Migration Agency (IOM) organized two events to mark the World Day against Trafficking in Persons on 30 July 2017 in collaboration with the National Coordination Committee for Combating and Preventing Illegal Migration and Trafficking in Persons.

    Topics: Civil Society, Counter-Trafficking, NCCPIM&TIP
  • IOM Strengthens Capacities to Identify Victims of Trafficking in Egypt

    Cairo, 23 May 2017 - IOM Egypt organized a three-day training on 16-18 May 2017 in Cairo for health practitioners on the identification and referral of victims of trafficking and vulnerable migrants.

    Topics: Capacity Building, Counter-Trafficking, Health
  • Egyptian Officials Trained on Identifying, Investigating Cases of Human Trafficking, Smuggling

    Cairo, 10 March 2017 - IOM organized a four-day training on Migration and Human Rights in the context of human trafficking and migrant smuggling for 20 law enforcement officials from the Egyptian Ministry of Interior.

    The training... Topics: Capacity Building, Counter-Smuggling, Counter-Trafficking

  • IOM Facilitates a Study Visit to UK on Countering Human Trafficking for GoE Officials

    Cairo, 5 October 2016 - IOM facilitated a five-day study visit for nine representatives of the Egyptian Judiciary to the United Kingdom on countering human trafficking, organized with the support of the US Agency for International Development - USAID.

    Topics: Capacity Building, Counter-Trafficking, NCCPIM
  • IOM, Egypt Train Frontline Immigration Officers in Passport Examination

    Cairo, 19 September 2016 - IOM and the Egyptian Ministry of Interior (MoI) organized a training from 18 to 22 September for 19 government officials on passport examination procedures in order to strengthen security procedures at... Topics: Border Management, Capacity Building, Counter-Trafficking

  • IOM Marks the World Day against Trafficking in Persons in Egypt

    Alexandria, 30 July 2016 – To mark the World Day against Trafficking in Persons, IOM organized an event aimed at raising awareness of human trafficking, highlighting the plight of the millions of women, men and children who fall victim to this heinous crime.

    Topics: Cooperation, Counter-Trafficking, NCCTIP
  • African Union Meets in Sharm El Sheikh for AU-Horn of Africa Initiative

    Cairo, 10 June 2016 - IOM Egypt this week supported the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to organize the second ministerial meeting of the AU-Horn of Africa Initiative on Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Migrants (AU-HoAI) in... Topics: AU Horn of Africa Initiative, Counter-Smuggling, Counter-Trafficking