UN Migration Agency (IOM) Participates in Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility and Migration

Alexandria, 26 November - By participating in the first Corporate Social Responsibility Forum held in Alexandria, IOM Egypt supported the engagement of the Egyptian private sector on migration. The forum focused on unbalanced development, demographic growth, development gaps between governorates, competitiveness, and achieving sustainable development across all Egyptian governorates. The forum also featured a presentation by IOM Egypt’s Head of Office, Mr. Amr Taha, who spoke to the potential of migrants as positive contributors to businesses, labour markets, and the economy.

“Migration is necessary, desirable and inevitable. CAPMAS notes that more than 10 million Egyptians express a desire to migrate […]. Their migration would reduce unemployment, and Egypt’s private sector can invest in training potential migrants to become their employees, agents, or partners in destination countries—in turn contributing to business growth and development in Egypt. At the same time, the 3-4 million migrants in Egypt are of great potential for the private sector […].” Mr. Taha also spoke to the goals of IOM in engaging migrants in their host economies and communities, and highlighting the potential they present as contributors, and the benefits that the private sector can reap in being socially conscious actors: “Human progress can be synonymous to economic benefit. Innovative social business models are the link. Every step toward the goal of social responsibility requires the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”

Engagement with the private sector falls within the framework of the Regional Development and Protection Programme for North Africa which responds to migration challenges by building the resilience and capacity of host communities and migrants to ensure community cohesion. The initiative is funded by the European Union. Community cohesion activities support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 16: Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies and Goal 17 Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development as well as Egypt’s Vision 2030 of a “fair interdependent society characterized by equal economic, social, political rights and opportunities realizing social inclusion”.

For further information, please contact Ms Zeinab Sabet at iomegypt@iom.int