UN Migration Agency (IOM) Launches Sensitization Campaign on Top Tips for Employment and the Importance of Blue Collar Jobs

Cairo, 27 September 2017 – Within the framework of the Human Security through Inclusive Socio-economic Development in Upper Egypt (HAYAT) project, and informed by lessons learned in the provision of livelihoods and recommendations from its partners in Minya and beyond, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Egypt launched on September 27 an online and offline sensitization campaign promoting a positive perception of blue collar jobs.

Giveaway materials using illustrations and sketches, as well as a booklet on work ethics, were developed and disseminated online and offline to targeted youth in Edwa and Maghagha districts in Minya Governorate. Sensitization sessions were organized, reaching out to over 770 youth and community members. These sessions encouraged youth to move where opportunities are, both in terms of economic sector and geographic area.

To ensure maximized visibility beyond the target beneficiaries, a full page of these illustrations was also published in a local monthly newspaper, Sout El Minya, that has a readership of over 2000 people.

Support was provided to two local registered NGOs in Edwa and Maghagha, in partnership with the National Employment Pact (NEP), to act as employment centres that provide community-tailored employment assistance to Egyptian youth.

In parallel, IOM organized 5 employment fairs, where more than 690 job seekers were referred to job opportunities in Minya and Greater Cairo. IOM also took this opportunity to distribute the aforementioned materials.

To complement the above, IOM, in partnership with Step2Future, provided specialized technical trainings in self-employment to over 60 beneficiaries, 67% of whom were female job-seekers. Trainings covered various specializations, including hairdressing and handicrafts.

These interventions form part of IOM’s efforts to address the needs of people who have returned from Libya as a result of growing unrest since 2011.

The initiatives supports the achievement of UN Sustainable Goals 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth and 10 Reduced Inequalities, as well as the realization of Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy: Vision 2030, particularly with regards to “creating a fair, integrated society that is characterized by equality in rights and economic, social and political opportunities.”