IOM Egypt, Embassy of Philippines Hold Health Awareness-Raising Event in Cairo

Cairo, 18 March 2017 - IOM Egypt and the Embassy of the Philippines in Cairo recently held (17/03) a health awareness-raising event for approximately 100 Filipina women migrants and their children.

Throughout the day, participants received paediatric consultations and screening for diabetes through rapid checks facilitated by IOM physicians. In addition, the migrant women received various items to meet their needs for dignified care including basic hygiene items and sanitary protection.

In this context, migrants also received information about the risk factors of forced labour when assuming new work.

“Migrants are often unaware of the dangers of forced labour when they start working abroad. Knowing the factors that increase the risks for exploitation and abuse is crucial to prevent this crime from happening,” explained IOM Egypt caseworker Abdoul-Roufou Ousmane.

The event is the second held in cooperation with the Embassy of Philippines. The first was in August 2016 and covered two main health topics: cervical and breast cancer, and Hepatitis B and C with the ultimate aim of raising women’s awareness of predisposing factors, means of prevention, diagnosis and the importance of having regular medical check-ups.

This event complemented IOM’s month-long activities in celebration of International Women’s Day, which began on 8 March with the distribution of dignity kits to women. They were also encouraged to register for yesterday's event (23/03) offering medical consultations and referrals for free cervical and breast cancer checks.

For further information, please contact Dr. Heidi Goubran at IOM Egypt. Tel: +202-27365140, Email:

  • A Filipina migrant discusses her medical inquiries with an IOM doctor. Photo: IOM