IOM Response Plan for the Mediterranean and Beyond

This Response Plan is an update of the “IOM Response Plan: Addressing Complex Migration Flows in the Mediterranean”, issued in June 2015. It sets out a comprehensive strategy designed to address the multiple aspects of the migration flows heading towards Europe. As such, the Response Plan seeks to tackle emerging assistance needs within Europe and its immediate neighbourhood, as well as the essential drivers of irregular migration and displacement in countries of origin. The document does not include the delivery of humanitarian assistance to displaced populations, whether refugees or internally displaced persons, in countries where such interventions already benefit from dedicated inter-agency planning documents, inclusive of IOM activities (such is the case for Syria and its neighbours, Iraq, Nigeria, etc.). The IOM Response Plan is made up of a series of proposed interventions that should be implemented through December 2016, some of which are already under way, while others are at the planning stage. The plan presents IOM’s proposed interventions and reaffirms the collective responsibility of states, institutions and organizations to respond to the current situation that the international community is facing in Europe and beyond, in a manner that is centered on the protection of migrants’ rights, as well as enhanced partnership between all concerned stakeholders. 



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