Head of Programmes to the A.R.E

Mr Laurent M.J. DE BOECK

Head of Programmes to the A.R.E



Mr. De Boeck has been with IOM since 1996.

Before becoming the Chief of Mission to Egypt, Mr. De Boeck was Chief of Mission to Yemen (2016-2017), Head of the Labour Mobility and Human Development Divison at IOM’s Headquarters in Geneva (2015-2016) and Chief of Mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo (2012-2015).

He has also held various other positions within the organisation, including that of Director of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Observatory on Migration in Brussels, Regional Development and Donor Relations Officer for West and Central Africa in Dakar, Senegal, and Migration Management Expert at the Regional Liaison and Co-ordination Office to the European Union in Belgium.

With over twenty years of experience in migration issues, Mr. De Boeck has vast expertise in a number of migration-related fields, including technical cooperation on migration, international migration law, trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, labour migration, migration & development, health migration, movement and assistance to stranded migrants and IDPs, and post-crisis emergency responses.

Mr. De Boeck holds university degrees in political sciences and international affairs, as well as a post-graduate degree in education. He is a Belgian national.